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AMP Only News Carousel

google amp carousel

This is a short post, but an interesting one.

Only news stories that are AMP friendly will appear in the news carousel.

Non-AMP friendly stories will still appear in the list view, but not the carousel.

As the article states, this probably has something to do with… (the next story)


AMP Structured Data

AMP schema

This post from Google is helpful if you’re trying to get your news stories in the AMP carousel, or if you’re trying to get your AMP-enabled stories discovered by Google in the first place.

Top Stories with AMP is a Google Search results feature that displays articles and video pages from sites using the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) specification for their web page. The carousel allows users to quickly find and consume AMP content with Google.

The Top Stories carousel links to content from multiple sources on the web in one horizontal panel that users can browse by swiping on their mobile device. Each card in the carousel displays the publisher’s logo, an image thumbnail from the page, the title of the page, and a timestamp. To the left of the timestamp, the AMP annotation indicates a fast loading page and a consistent browsing experience for consuming content.

Schema mark-up, along with the AMP info we linked to in last week’s update will get you well on your way to taking best advantage of this new opportunity.


The SEO Impact of PR Wins and Fails

PR wis and fails SEO

A really interesting case study looking at some of the biggest viral stories of the past year (the Miss Universe faux-pas, Turing Pharmaceuticals raising drug prices 5,000%, #TheDress, etc.) and how the stories impacted long term traffic, press mentions, and number of backlinks.

Although stories about smaller brands received less press coverage than large brands, the relatively unknown companies saw a greater impact from being in the news than large brands. Roman Originals, Gravity Payments, and Turing Pharmaceuticals saw the greatest increases in organic traffic and backlinks. Comparatively, a surge of press coverage did not have as dramatic of an impact on the large companies. Of the well-known brands, Miss Universe saw the greatest impact, with a 199% increase in press mentions and 123% increase in site traffic compared to the previous year’s pageant.

Highly recommend you check out this post.


How Google Prioritizes Spam Reports


Google prioritizes spam reports sent within Search Console (then those submitted elsewhere. Google also prioritizes acting upon spam reports if it comes from a source that has previously submitted spam reports that have been helpful in cleaning up legitimate spam (instead of just being bitchy to competitors).

If you submit spam reports to Google, especially for spam within your niche, it would be more beneficial to you if you really do help clean up the space from spam by submitting valid reports, and not just randomly reporting competitors for tiny almost non-existent tiny violations.


Growing a Site From 0 to 10,000 Visitors (With Content)

process for creating content

This post is great if you’re:
a) bad at coming up with content that will engage visitors + help build up your site’s content library, or
b) you’ve got a writer who can write well but doesn’t have a process for creating valuable content.

Now that we have all of our possible topics, we need to figure out which ones it makes sense to focus on for our site (in order to get that sweet sweet SEO traffic), and which ones are fine to give to other people as guest posts.

To do that, we’re going to rank our posts by Depth, then SEO value.

The real value here is the in-depth process for creating not only content, but content upgrades, promoting an article, guest posting, content upgrades, and more.

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