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Facebook SEO

Facebook SEO — a bigger ROI than Bing…

Though some of these 10 points are a bit… obvious, this is still a pretty helpful post about something I don’t read much about: Facebook SEO.

From exact match vanity URLs, to on-page optimization, this post takes you through the most important items to address to make sure you are found organically within the Facebook walled-garden.

There are even some benefits to your organic Google rankings:

You usually post Notes to inform or even create engagement with your fans. They are an easy way of informing fans of important news about your business or even updating customers on a current crisis. Even if you are aware of this or not, Google seems to search and index the Notes that come from Facebook fan pages.

Careful when you click through to check out the full article. They have more pop-ups than a late 90s VH1 video…


How Many Keywords Could a Page Rank For

…if a woodchuck could… rank… damnit.


Another cool study out of

Here’s an interesting results:

It looks like the average #1 ranking page will also rank in the top10 for nearly 1,000 other relevant keywords (while the median value is more than two times smaller – around 400 keywords).

But how will this help you with your SEO efforts?

There are many helpful takeaways in this post (even if it’s just providing hard data to confirm something you already suspected), such as:

longer content ranks for more total keywords
pages with more backlinks rank for more total keywords

Pretty shocking, right? 🙂

Fun to see what people with access to a lot of data can prove.


WordPress Safety

On the heels of one of the biggest ransomeware attacks this past weekend, it’s not a bad time to bring up the issue of security.

You know what DOESN’T help you rank well? Having your site get hacked, injected with 1,000 sunglasses or Viagra pages, and then be B-B-B-B-BLASTED with dirty, spammy links.

Not a lot of “sound bites” for this, I suggest you (finish reading this ??? post, and checking out our SEO services) click through and just… do all the things in the post.

Make your site safe from clever haxxors like this:


Smart Content Strategy

Hey, did you know that content is a super-important part of ranking well?

You did? It’s probably because I talk about at LEAST every other week.

So this post lays out a pretty decent guide on strategizing a solid content strategy.

If you’re already crushing it content-wise, this post won’t tell you much you don’t know. But if you’ve been putting it off, prioritizing your logo or your ecommerce site-structure or something, this will really help you get going.

For a new site, the more often you publish, the higher your chances of building and piling on your traffic in the second year. When your site has less than 100 pages, content matters. Each piece of content you publish will affect your search traffic.


Content Syndication FTW

If you’re not really keen to write thousands of words per week yourself, or you have a team of writers but are not sure quite how to utilize them for the most good, this post focuses on different content creation streams.

This post doesn’t really dig in to anything particularly deep, but if you’re new to the idea of content syndication, it’s a good jumping off point:

In our multi-screen, multi-channel world, thinking about content from a syndication standpoint can make content marketing a more streamlined and simplistic endeavor. From the ideation phase, you are thinking about all the ways your audience will encounter and meet your content.

Let me sum it up for you in terms of building links and ranking well:

1. Create good content.
2. Deliver that content across different mediums (image/video/slideshares/audio/text)
3. Put that content on platforms well suited to each (images > pinterest, video > vimeo, and so on).
4. Link back to your site from each.



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